Purpose: To provide a means of recognizing Amateur Radio operators for their active participation in State QSO Party contests.

Time Period: The award year follows the calendar year, January 1 through December 31. At the time of publication of these rules, the actual State QSO Party season runs from February to October.

Eligible Contests: Points will be awarded for participation in approved U.S. State or Canadian Province QSO Parties. QSO Parties serving an aggregate of states, such as the 7th Call Area and New England QSO Parties, are also eligible if the contest’s objective is to work counties, parishes or other similar state/province geo-political subdivisions. All State QSO Party Challenge approved contests are listed on our website at stateqsoparty.com

Refer to the WA7BNM Contest Calendar and each State QSO Party’s website for individual contest dates, times, modes and rules.

Participation: All Amateur Radio operators submitting scores to 3830Scores.com are automatically included in the State QSO Party Challenge.

Opt-out Requests: Anyone not wanting to participate in the State QSO Party Challenge may opt-out by emailing the State QSO Party Challenge Administrator at SQPChallenge.Admin@gmail.com.

Scoring: The participant’s Score is based on the total number of QSOs made in each State QSO Party as reported on 3830Scores.com multiplied by the number of State QSO Parties entered in the current year.

Total Points = (Sum of Individual State QSO Party QSOs) * (Number of State QSO Party Entries)

Score Reporting: Only activity posted to 3830Scores.com is counted. Operators are encouraged to submit their logs to the State QSO Party sponsors before reporting to 3830Scores.com . Members will be on their honor to report correct information to 3830Scores.com .

Multi-ops: Each operator receives the station’s total contacts divided by the number of operators. The report to 3830Scores.com should include all operators’ calls and the station call. A Multi-Op is defined as ….“When two or more operators use the same callsign at any time during the contest period, regardless of category, logs must be combined into a single entry for 3830scores.com. This is necessary for proper calculation of State QSO Party Challenge scores.” Revised 5/9/2020.

Challenge Levels: There are five recognition levels based on minimum Challenge points:
Level Minimum Points
Diamond 50,000
Platinum 10,000
Gold 5,000
Silver 1,000
Bronze 100

To qualify for an award level, the participant must have participated in at least two State QSO Parties. Each State QSO Party entry must have at least two QSOs.

Awards: The decision of the Contest Manager is final. Claimed scores may be corrected for errors by contacting the Challenge Administrator.

Award Sponsorship is available. We would gladly accept your support. Contact CM for details.

Challenge Manager:
Dave Edmonds, WN4AFP
E-Mail: daveedmo@gmail.com

Entry Deadline: Official entry/scoring reports must be submitted to 3830Scores.com. Generally, 3830 submission forms are available for 7 days following the deadline for submission to the contest. See https://www.3830scores.com/updatefaq.php for details.


The last day to submit a 3830scores.com initial submission form or a correction form for the 2020 SQP Challenge program is November 30, 2020!

Reporting: A list containing each participant’s current bracket level and Score will be posted monthly by the State QSO Party Challenge Administrator on the State QSO Party reflector (QSOParty@groups.io) and website (http://stateqsoparty.com). You can see the live unofficial scores by visiting the 3830scores SQP Challenge page at https://3830scores.com/sqpsummary.php

State QSO Party Challenge – Approved Contests
7th Call Area QSO Party
Alabama QSO Party
Arizona QSO Party
Arkansas QSO Party
British Columbia QSO Party
California QSO Party
Colorado QSO Party
Delaware QSO Party
Florida QSO Party
Georgia QSO Party
Hawaii QSO Party
Idaho QSO Party
Illinois QSO Party
Indiana QSO Party
Iowa QSO Party
Kansas QSO Party
Kentucky QSO Party
Louisiana QSO Party
Maine QSO Party
Maryland/DC QSO Party
Michigan QSO Party
Minnesota QSO Party
Mississippi QSO Party
Missouri QSO Party
Nebraska QSO Party
Nevada QSO Party
New England QSO Party
New Hampshire QSO Party
New Jersey QSO Party
New Mexico QSO Party
New York QSO Party
North Carolina QSO Party
North Dakota QSO Party
Ohio QSO Party
Oklahoma QSO Party
Ontario QSO Party
Pennsylvania QSO Party
South Carolina QSO Party
South Dakota QSO Party
Tennessee QSO Party
Texas QSO Party
Vermont QSO Party
Virginia QSO Party
Washington State Salmon Run
West Virginia QSO Party
Wisconsin QSO Party

REV 7/22/2020

The purpose of the State QSO Party group is to be the catalyst to take state QSO party contesting to the next level.