The annual State QSO Party Challenge recognizes all radio amateurs’ participation in the U.S. State and Canadian Province QSO parties. It is open to any radio amateur who participates in any of the approved State QSO Parties (SQPs). Participants must simply submit their scores to 3830Scores.com to be included in the Challenge.

Participants are recognized for reaching five levels of achievement – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Using the submissions to 3830Scores.com , each callsign’s cumulative score is calculated by totaling up his/her number of reported contacts and multiplying by the number of SQPs entered year-to-date. The use of the number of SQPs entered as a multiplier is to encourage radio amateurs to enter more state/province QSO parties. The use of the number of contacts as a metric is to encourage participants to operate longer in each SQP, increase the effectiveness of their station and improve their contesting skills. To qualify for an award level, the participant must have participated in at least two State QSO Parties. Each State QSO Party entry must have at least two QSOs.

The first SQPs of most years are the Vermont, Minnesota and British Columbia QSO Parties on the first weekend of February. Therefore, the first monthly report of the State QSO Party Challenge is scheduled to be available in early March of each year. The cumulative year-to-date Challenge scores are published on the QSOParty.io forum and on the State QSO Party website (StateQSOParty.com).

ContestDateTimeCWSSBRTTYOther Digital
Hawaii QSO Party22-Aug0400ZCSRD
Ohio QSO Party22-Aug1600ZCS
Kansas QSO Party29-Aug1400ZCSRD
Colorado QSO Party5-Sep1300ZCSR
Tennessee QSO Party6-Sep1800ZCSRD
Texas QSO Party12-Sep1400ZCSRD
Alabama QSO Party12-Sep1500ZCS
Iowa QSO Party19-Sep1400ZCSRD
New Hampshire QSO Party19-Sep1600ZCSRD
New Jersey QSO Party19-Sep1600ZCS
Washington State Salmon Run19-Sep1600ZCSRD
Maine QSO Party26-Sep1200ZCS
California QSO Party3-Oct1600ZCS
Nevada QSO Party10-Oct0300ZCSRD
Arizona QSO Party10-Oct1500ZCSRD
Pennsylvania QSO Party10-Oct1600ZCSRD
South Dakota QP10-Oct1800ZCSRD
New York QSO Party17-Oct1400ZCSRD
Illinois QSO Party18-Oct1700ZCSRD
Total Contests4646463631