Four QSO Party (IN7QPNEDE) – Cabrillo Log Processing

On May 4-5, there will be four QSO parties – the 7QP (7th Call Area QSO Party), Indiana QSO Party, New England QSO Party, and the Delaware QSO Party.

Logging Software

Most contest loggers have separate modules for each of these SQPs. Many hams have difficulty logging out-of-state QSOs from four different contests in separate files. There are two contest loggers that will allow users to log stations active in all four QSO parties in one file – N1MM Logger+ and SD Contest Logger.

N1MM Logger+ – If you are an in-state user of one of these QSO parties, select the appropriate state party option in the QSO party contest selector. If you are out-of-state for all contests this weekend, select the IN7QPNE option in the dropdown state selector. That module allows you to log the exchange that you receive, regardless of which SQP it is from.   SD contest logger – In SD contest logger – free from www.ei5di.com – select the 7DEINE option. Enter all exchanges as received and a single Cabrillo log will be created.              

After the contest is over, you can send the same Cabrillo file without editing to all four sponsors. Each sponsor will extract the submissions for their SQP and ignore all others.


Many contesters submit their claimed scores to 3830Scores to compare them with other participants. This is necessary for inclusion in the State QSO Party Challenge and for some club reward programs.

The problem is that neither contest logger provides separate scores for each individual SQP. One solution used is to divide the totals by the number of SQPs. This provides inaccurate scores, especially when there is a large difference in the sizes of the state QSO parties.

Cabrillo Log Parsing Tool

Bruce Horn, host of 3830Scorres and the WA7BNM Contest Calendar, has been working with StateQSOParty.com to develop a tool that will parse the single Cabrillo log and provide the information needed for 3830Scores and the State QSO Party Challenge. Click on “ONLINE 4QP LOG PARSING TOOL” below to parse your log.