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The State QSO Party Challenge and the “Worked All QSO Parties” awards programs are winding down after recording over 1 MILLION qso party contacts! You have through November 30th to submit your scores to 3830scores.com and to submit your application for the 2023 WAQP awards. Thanks for participating in all the QPs in 2023! 2024 is just a few months away!

Do you have a question regarding the State QSO Party Challenge/WAQP programs? If so, if so, please email us your question/comment etc. at info@stateqsoparty.com

Dave, WN4AFP, Director  |  Stan, K4SBZ, SQP Challenge Admin.
Mark, WB9CIF, WAQP Admin.  |  Anthony, K8ZT, Public Relations Mgr.
Jeff, N8II

State QSO Party Challenge Overview

The annual State QSO Party Challenge recognizes all radio amateurs’ participation in the U.S. State and Canadian Province QSO parties. It is open to any radio amateur who participates in any of the approved State QSO Parties (SQPs). Participants must simply submit their scores to 3830Scores.com to be included in the Challenge.

Participants are recognized for reaching five levels of achievement – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Using the submissions to 3830Scores.com , each callsign’s cumulative score is calculated by totaling up his/her number of reported contacts and multiplying by the number of SQPs entered year-to-date. The use of the number of SQPs entered as a multiplier is to encourage radio amateurs to enter more state/province QSO parties. The use of the number of contacts as a metric is to encourage participants to operate longer in each SQP, increase the effectiveness of their station and improve their contesting skills. To qualify for an award level, the participant must have participated in at least two State QSO Parties. Each State QSO Party entry must have at least two QSOs. The first SQPs of most years are the Vermont, Minnesota and British Columbia QSO Parties on the first weekend of February.

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Click to view the 2023 SQP Challenge Program Rules

Worked All State QSO Parties (WAQP) Overview

The “Worked All QSO Parties” awards (WAQP) program is administered by the State QSO Party Group and it is sponsored by Icom America. These awards are available to all licensed amateur radio operators who meet the specified award requirements. To qualify, all applicants must adhere to the State QSO Party Challenge AND WAQP program rules. Awards include certificates for participating in at least 50% of the SQP Challenge approved contests with a goal of participating in ALL of the approved contests. The WAQP requires that the operator submit a log with at least TWO valid contacts to the state/province QSO party contest manager in addition to the 3830scores.com scores submission.

Click to view the “Worked All QSO Parties” Program Rules


The purpose of the State QSO Party group is to be the catalyst to take state QSO party contesting to the next level.