30 of the 46 QSO Party contests have been completed!

Operators in the TOP TEN spots on the leaderboard at the end of the year will receive a special achievement award sponsored by Icom America.

Thanks to Anthony Luscre, K8ZT, the SQP Challenge leaderboard is now available in real-time. Click on the link below to view the SQP Challenge Leaderboard as of TODAY!


Fellow SQPers,We have delayed the end-of-the-month statistics a few days in order to get in most of the entries for August’s last weekend.

Highlights to-date (9/4/2020):

  • Over half a million (532,246) QSOs have been reported to 3830Scores. Can we break a million?
  • We have had 773 operators qualify for the SQP Challenge so far. That is almost half of the total entries submitted to 3830Scores.
  • An additional 830 have submitted reports to 3830 but have not yet qualified for the Challenge. Most of these are in-state participants who have only participated in their own QSO party.
  • That totals up to 1603 operators who have submitted SQP reports to 3830.
  • 92% (711) of the qualified operators have attained a level.
  • 35 members (4.5%) have already attained the Diamond level (>50,000 points). There are 10 operators who are above 100,000 points.
    • 133 (17.2%) have now made Platinum (>10,000 points).
    • 91 (11.8%) have reached Gold (>5,000 points).
    • 239 (30.9%) are Silver (1,000+).
    • 213 (27.6) are Bronze (100+).
  • Three operators, K5CM, VE3EJ and KI6RRN, have scored a year-to-date aggregate of over a million contest points in the QPs that they have entered.
  • Of the operators who have entered in 10 or more QPs, K5KG has the highest average number of QSOs per contest – 488.
  • There are still 34 operators that have perfect attendance, participating in all 30 SQPs. How much longer are they going to be able to maintain this feat?

Congratulations to all who have qualified.


State QSO Party Challenge

Stan Zawrotny, K4SBZ SQP Challenge Administrator